Clementine’s Original Lunar Images (Regional)

The entire first set of Lunar images is below the text. These images consist of the entire surface of the moon. Some are duplicates to ensure it was a good copy. Each is overlapped to avoid cutting off any objects. These are the regional areas of the moon from the Clementine site before the Navy removed their images which contained grossly obvious censoring of clearly visible objects on the moon.

  • I knew they would remove these images once someone opened their big mouth after I told them NOT to contact any agency or the Navy about the images and the objects in them. Sure enough. some immature MORON contacted them to stupidly challenge them about the objects in the images. Now those are gone and I have the only full set of Clementine images other than the 100 people I sent copies to insure those images are safe.
  • These images are public domain. They were posted on a Navy website for Clementine and it gave us the tools to download the images from their site. I legally copied these from that site before they removed them. Clementine was paid for with tax dollars and the images of the moon were posted for the public just like is required for anything funded by our tax monies. However, it is still not recommended to wave a red flag in front of a bull’s nose. So just enjoy the images and don’t contact the Navy, NASA or any other agency. They won’t know anything. That is limited to a small handful of people at the top end of the scale who are under orders not to talk about those issues.
  • I saved multiple copies of these images off site to protect them. Thousands of them. This is the regional set of moon images. You will have to increase the DPI to see a closer view. There are nearly 100 copies of each photo which I distributed around the world on widely diverse modes of copies on multiple devices and multiple labeling. I recommend that all of you should copy all of these images and make multiple copies and hide them off site in multiple locations as I have done. This will increment the multiple networks of copies.
  • To view these images at a deeper resolution, increase the DPI on Adobe Photoshop. Do not increase the size using zoom because it pixelates the image where the DPI will enlarge the images without distortion. I  recommend starting at or below 500 DPI. You can increase the DPI above 800 or as much as 2000 DPI as long as your computer and software can handle the load. Or increase DPI to 500 and step back one level on viewing size.
  • The originals are BMP. The only changes I made was to change indexed color to RGB so I could save them as JPG which allows you to work with the contrast tools to help you remove the shade censoring. Also, the WordPress software does not allow us to download BMP format images.
  • WARNING: I posted some of these in the past and I warned everyone NOT to contact the Navy or NASA or other such agencies about the objects in these photos because they will only delete all of the photos and remove the objects which ruins it for everyone. There is always some MORON who DOESN’T listen and Spoils it for everyone. None of the people you contact will be knowledgeable about the censoring nor impressed with your findings. They do not have high enough clearance level and are too young to know anything about it and don’t care except to report you to the censors and the agencies. They will come after the person who tattles. They already know about me. Only a few top Brass will know anything about it and the censoring is usually done by former CIA operatives and no one knows who they are or what they are doing. I’ve dealt with these CIA and NSA inserted agents. Even the COO or VP who are aware of the agent placed by those agencies are not informed as to their purpose. They are threatened with loss of funding or licensing if they do not allow the agents to have full access to anything they desire and are not informed as to what these agents are doing. Only one former employee at NASA had bothered to find out what one of her fellow employees was doing when she went to the trouble of looking and saw him censoring the film and photos with a sharpie. Watch the film Silkwood to see a sample of film and negative censoring at a plutonium plant. That is what got Karen Silkwood killed. She was going to turn the films over to a journalist and a nuclear agency rep.
  • All of the employees at NASA are also receiving false images and censored photos and do not know it. Even the satellite and rover feeds are hijacked via an alternate frequency and sent to an alternate location at MSSS, JPL, Etc., where it is censored. Another censored copy is retransmitted back to NASA on their frequency and they are not aware of this back door hijack and censoring of the images NASA is receiving. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a second rover at the Nevada test site which they are using a red filter on the camera to make it look like Mars and that is the feed they are seeing at times with an adequate delay. The red filter on the camera would also make the blue sky look purple unless they use a split filter above and below the horizon. The NTS has plenty of bomb craters which look just like Mars. The CIA and NSA control everything and the NASA and Navy employees are completely in the dark and have no idea. I also read where all of their employees are being replaced with military and CIA as they retire or go to work elsewhere. They plan to eliminate all civilian employees. So contacting them will only piss them off because they are not aware of the back door censoring of everything they see. Our CIA also finds ways to have assets or inserted agents to do the same to other countries such as ESA, RSA, Japan, China, etc. As well as SpaceX and other commercial companies. They insert agents so they can sabotage their flights to keep them from seeing the extra space stations and orbital weapons and the USAF Space Control Center, and flights to Mars and UFO’s.
  • The raw images from Clementine are kept at Lawrence Livermore Labs in California. If you request the images, the FBI will run a full background check on you and you will never get them. I tried and I had a top security clearance. The CIA and NSA control everything and everyone, including our own gov’t. Just ask President Carter. He asked for the info on UFO’s and his head of the CIA (Bush Sr) denied him and said he didn’t have a need to know. If Carter had any cajones, he would have fired Bush on the spot and shut down the CIA like Kennedy was going to do. But Carter was too nice and too trusting to take them on and perhaps afraid for his family. He also told us Three mile Island was safe which was the opposite of the situation. A nice man but too trusting.
  • Do NOT contact the Navy or NASA or any agencies about the objects in these photos. Also, DON’T listen to their BS about these images. They have not been altered except as described above to change from BMP to JPG and Indexed to RGB. No changes were made on the images by me. These are exactly as they were on the Navy website. The censoring by blurring was done by the Navy or CIA. Likely the Navy since it was a butchered attempt because they are not experienced in censoring satellite images. I also have additional sets of larger closer images from the Clementine website before they were removed but there are about 400 of those next larger images and a couple thousand of the closest images which would be a massive project to change to JPG.
  • Heavy dark areas on images are usually covering up something they don’t want seen. Use a dodge tool to lighten the area. Try lightening the shadows only and then the mid tones. Be sure to make more than one copy of the original so you don’t screw up your only copy. The second image below has a large dark area. Look around the edges to see things they missed then try the dodge tool to lighten the dark area. Try lightening the shadow first.

The image with the rectangular area on several other images is not a mosaic nor a collage. It actually looked like that on the surface which you can check by getting a global image from another source and zooming in on the far upper right portion of the moon. There are also plenty of space crafts to be seen. Look for the shadows below the saucers. Also, there are locations where dust is being ejected from their mining machines as they dig the surface. Do not look for familiar grid patterns and square buildings. They do not have cars and their buildings are round. Similar to what we saw on the original Planet of the Apes. There are space crafts of many shapes and sizes which leave a contrail behind them in the atmosphere. They also have mining vehicles which chew up the ground and shoot the dust behind them. Plenty of saucers and spherical crafts, but you have to become accustomed to looking at their structures and crafts. The same with Mars. Sometimes A light tan tint on the B&W images can help.

  • I was quite surprised to learn the Moon has a 2% atmosphere. I suspect that is from CO2 being exhausted from their underground facilities through the super huge vents at the lunar south pole. The Navy also discovered ice at the south pole which I suspect was caused by the humidity being exhausted from the vents with the spent air. Clearly, they don’t use CO2 scrubbers on their atmosphere. But it is clear they have been living on the moon over 50,000 years as the whistle blowers have said and they are still on the moon. Earth is their planet, not ours. So we had better be good neighbors and clean up our act. They have to get their water from Lake Michigan and another lake in South America every other day plus any needs for food or other supplies and they get quite hostile when we screw it up with radiation and bomb  tests which is probably why they flew in a cluster over Washington DC and several other locations in 1952 because they saw our Ivy Mike first try at a hydrogen Bomb in 51 or 52. Then the Castle Bravo in 54. I suspect that’s why we signed a treaty for underground testing for the A-bombs. They could take us out with a simple virus plague if we keep polluting their water and food sources.

The first image is the Vent. If you notice, there is ice all around it. The white line on the right is from a grid showing the antarctic circle equivalent on the global image of the moon. This is the only NASA image on the page and was cropped from a larger image of the moon on its South Pole.