Moon Landings

There are several moon landing hoax videos attached below. You may have to  pause them if they begin to autoplay. Each has a summary below of what to look for. Remember, Nixon was president at the time so hoaxes & lying were not unknown to his administration.

“Conspiracy Theory: Did we land on the Moon.”

This is the best moon landing video made. It  isn’t available for sale unless you were lucky enough to record it as some of us did. They are trying to prevent anyone from seeing it by removing the video from circulation. In fact, I had to find another link for it. The other disappeared. Better watch it while you can. It is the best video on this subject & the one which convinced me after 37 years of adamant denial. Who knows how long it will be accessible when they are desperate to cover it up.

 Landing Hoax evidence:

  • The flag was waving in zero atmosphere on multiple occasions.
  • They didn’t mention or notice this, but the moon is 1/6th the size of Earth. Therefore, the Earth should have been 6 times larger than the moon as seen in the sky from the moon. But instead, they showed the Earth in the sky as the same size we see the moon from Earth. The Earth should have been huge; 6 times larger.
  • The shadows on the moon are very dark, so we should not have seen the astronaut & LEM illuminated in the dark shadows. This meant they were backlit with reflectors or key lights.
  • This was before internet or home video so they didn’t expect such close examinations of this event after the fact. NASA even destroyed their film copies thinking that would end any scrutiny.
  • No engine sound inside the lem during descent.
  • Also, the shadows were in different angles indicating multiple light sources.
  • Nor did the sun look correct. It wasn’t round nor bright enough nor creating authentic lens glare.
  • The sun was also filmed with a halo around it which only occurs in an atmosphere with humidity. Not a lunar vacuum.
  • There is no way each still photo was perfectly framed without a viewfinder or a way for the astronaut to see how the subject was framed from their chest. Also, the film should have frozen & cracked in the extreme lunar temperatures versus the sun & shadows. The film should also have been foggy & damaged from the radiation.  The camera company said it was a normal camera mounted to their suits without any special features.
  • NASA should have admitted they recreated photos for publication or sales. Then they would not have suffered public interrogation over the quality.
  • No thrust crater, no engine flame, no red smoke, no dust on the Lem feet & no engine sound in the Cabin. Also, where was the fuel for the Lem engine kept? They never use a single rocket engine because they are too unstable & crash. They always use no less than 3. Usually, 5 engines. Armstrong nearly died test flying the Lem. It could not be controlled. Also, the fuel burn color shown was the wrong color. It should have been red opaque gas.
  • Not only do the Camera crosshairs etched in the lens impossibly depict objects in front of the crosshairs, but another video shows moon pictures with stage prop ID marks on them. One rock has a “C” & is laying on the ground next to another “C” where the rock was to be placed but both “C’s” were clearly visible instead of hidden. Perhaps the person placing the items wanted us to see it was a fake set being portrayed as the moon.
  • The crosshairs and the flag waving were the irrefutable proofs of fakery which finally convinced me.
  • There were a lot of telling comments by the astronauts about spotlights & US desert and lack of thrust crater & lack of stars & other things which subtly pointed us to notice the fraud.
  • Apollo 12 lost TV video when astronaut repeatedly kept joking about spotlights overhead instead of the sun.
  • Photos of background mountains with Lem missing. Same mountains used for other locations. Relocated Lem & other photo goofs & mistakes on landing sites & photos before Lem landed which is impossible.
  • The NASA spokesperson was not old enough to have been at NASA in 1969. He was likely in diapers. Thus, he is not a reliable source. Nor are the other NASA employees. The handful which were involved are now dead or retired
  • The people who are questioning & providing substantial evidence  of a hoax are not nuts. They are  reputable engineers, scientists,  professors, Rocketdyne employees, scientists, photo experts & researchers with thousands of hours and years of research into these issues.  It is our engineering & scientific skills & backgrounds which detected the fakery. Many of us are nationally acclaimed & respected in our technical expertise & were paid higher than a rocket scientist for our skills. These are not nuts or quacks. We are at the highest levels of technical skills.
  • Don’t waste your breath on NASA. No one there can tell you anything. Most don’t know  & the few who do would lose their lives & families if they did speak out. So stop asking them.
  • The so called experts which deny the hoax, have little to none experience on these issues & refuse to look at the evidence which disqualifies the reliability of their opinions.
  • I blatantly believed in the moon landing for 37 years & refused to look at the evidence. I called everyone a nut who believed in a hoax until I saw this video with irrefutable proof. I could no longer deny the hoax had occurred.
  • The supposedly “live” TV video was received by Australia & transmitted to the US where NASA displayed it on a projection screen in the Nasa Control center where all the TV networks had to film it from the screen to transmit to their audiences.  The TV video of the moon surface was deliberately grainy while the video inside the craft was clear. There were many issues with the videos & fake reduced speed. However, no one asked how the lettering was added to the video which said it was a live feed from the moon. Who & where added that lettering?
  • Crystal Clear interior TV images. Grainy outside moon landing TV images (deliberate). Crystal clear & perfectly framed still images without a viewfinder on chest mounted cameras.
  • Changing camera lens outside on moon would have damaged film from temperatures. This was a standard camera with standard film. The only customization was the suit mounts.
  • Nor would those flimsy spacesuits have protected the astronauts from the radiation or extreme temperatures. If you look closely, you will see their suits are not inflated to be pressured to protect the astronauts. On the real moon, they would have been dead in suits with no pressure.
  • Nor would that flimsy craft have protected them from the Van Allen belt radiation.  Nor would that erector set Lem have provided protection, oxygen, fuel & 2830 mph escape velocity for the moon. Not to mention carrying 2 astronauts, their gear & 500 lbs of rocks. Or the moon Buggy upon landing on a tiny single engine with no fuel tank & tiny control jets.. With perfect landing & Liftoff & reconnecting to the Apollo without a hitch.

A British video company got a copy of a film taken inside Apollo 11 during the moon flight which was not supposed to be seen by the public (and labeled not for Public viewing). Which showed through the craft window they were really orbiting the earth & showed they were taping masks over the window to create a smaller view of the earth as they were claiming to be half way to the moon. All three astronauts were in this film which was dated during the flight dates & were taping the window masks & recording fake position reports when you could clearly see they were in Earth’s orbit. The DVD names are below.  These are excellent videos about the moon landing & about the astronauts suffering from the lies. They had no choice if they wanted to live & keep their families unharmed. They had already seen what happened to Grissom & the others. Our gov’t killed its president. Eliminating an astronaut would be no problem.

You can see how much this weighed upon Armstrong who withdrew from the world. The rare times he was seen, he was nearly in tears with his conscience under the weight of the lies, threats & deaths of his fellow astronauts. Buzz Aldren, however, ate up the publicity & opportunities. He was not burdened by guilt like Armstrong.

This is a Japanese video of buildings on the moon. Remember, they don’t drive cars so they do not construct their colony in grids or rectangles. Everything is round.

These next two videos below contain the staging film of the astronauts covering the windows of the Apollo spacecraft with masks to make the earth they were orbiting  appear to look small while  they were lying about their location; claiming they were half way to the moon. Both videos are available on Amazon.

“A Funny thing happened on the way to the moon.”

  • The first 6 minutes are wasted with religious pictures, bad music & starving African’s while we spent money on space. Since these were created by the British, they have more responsibility from their South Africa territory than we do for starving Africans whose own countries should take responsibility & provide family planning & birth control & food instead of fighting wars & killing each other. So ignore this part. At 6 or 8 minutes they show all the rocket crashes from Von Braun’s deliberately bad “single engine”  under powered designs to allow Russia to get ahead of us.  Frankly, although I don’t care for Von Braun’s false claims, he was abducted by our greedy leaders who were & are the out of control cowboys the Russians claimed us to be & deserve the pin to pop our balloons &  take some wind from their sails by forcing our leaders to falsify their moon claims at the 11th hour. We were dangerous cowboys & crazy enough with our maniacal 219 nukes in Space endangering their cosmonauts, damaging our own satellites & ignoring pleas to consider the safety of their space crews as we continued to explode nukes without restraint or common sense.
  • At 10 minutes into the film they begin the moon launch. At 32 minutes they show the staging film  the astronauts were ordered to make to deceive us that they were halfway to the moon while actually in earths orbit; where they create window masks to cover earth in orbit  window view to look smaller. The  video also shows more evidence  of the hoaxes on photos & videos in great detail.

“What Happened on the moon. Hoax, lies & videotape.”

I could not find an online copy of this video. I have it on DVD.

  • This is a very dry, detailed video on the first part but very enlightening. The second part is much different & includes Russia’s program & isn’t dry like the first. This DVD also includes more film from the staging & window masking which weren’t shown on the other DVD above.

What Happened on the moon

  • This is a different 3rd DVD with 2 discs. This goes into great deal about shadows & physics. It also goes into the fakery of the earth images from the Apollo 11 craft supposedly on the way to the moon. Their suppositions are correct even though they don’t have a full copy of the film fakery from Nasa like the video “a funny thing happened…” The film was dated & labeled “not for public” & was sent by mistake. So be sure to get all three DVD’s.

This is a short fun youtube video where they filmed every  piece of equipment, cabling & supplies which supposedly fits into an apollo  capsule with the 3 astronauts plus their food, suits, fuel & they forgot the 500 lbs of rocks they supposedly brought back. I agree it was ridiculous. Take a look.  It was quite absurd. Sardines couldn’t fit. I have personally seen & looked inside  actual Mercury, Gemini & Apollo capsule. The first two were no bigger than a washing machine or dryer for one astronaut. It was like crawling inside the drum of a standard dryer  on the mercury capsules. Not those big upright dryers they sell now, but your mothers 1970 dryer. I have been inside NASA in Houston and their Dayton Ohio  Wright AFB showcase. Plus the Smithsonian  displays in the 60’s, 70’s & 90’s plus the meteor Crater capsule. They were all tiny except the Dayton model which was intended for Mars. That was as large as My  living room with the vaulted ceiling for 3 people.  Never built as far as I know.


The moon landing hoax was just the tip of the iceberg.  This was far more than a moon landing fabrication. As many as 10 astronauts died over this dark secret and these contract CIA agents were involved in the nations worst “inside jobs” conducted without oversight. Stop trying to destroy the messenger & listen to the message. Use your brains. Pull your heads from the sand. The proof is overwhelming.

Step into the looking glass This is just a small example of the true conspiracy facts of the worst gov’t corruption imaginable.

Those whom have discovered the moon landing was a fraud based on evidence, research, physics & careful examination of details are intelligent investigators, engineers, scientists, professors, film & photo experts, Rocketdyne engineers & experts who are unraveling these lies. Not one is a nut. That description applies more to those blindly defending the moon landing while refusing to look at any evidence whatsoever.  Those myth breaker morons are no better than the axmen, ice road truckers, pawnshops & parolees. Nothing they say or do is valid. Those are the true nuts. In foot, the parolees were the best of the bunch.

Those challenging NASA are of the highest caliber, scientific expertise & respectability who haven’t sold their veracity to the government.  Makes you wonder where the trillions of dollars have disappeared. Just like FEMA & Red Cross who get hundreds of millions yet demand local business & resident victims to supply food, shelter, cots, clothes & needs as well as volunteer their time on the very same day they received $10 million from one person & $7 million from another just 2 days earlier, yet they were demanding the local victims to provide food & needs. Even the nurses were volunteer locals.. They provide nothing.  But they take credit. So where is all the money & supplies going.  I worked with them. They took all the money In supplies we had for Houston  in the 90’s & had no plans to rescue or feed anyone. So why donate to them? They received $1 billion for Haiti & built only 6 houses; blaming red tape. Even so, they Should still have the money. Just like those Billions in Bailouts in 2008 which went to foreign companies.

Where has all the NASA money gone?

Notice how those who defend the landing, do so without research or evidence & flatly refuse to look at any proof. Their reasoning is merely name calling & attacking anyone who presents evidence. “Because they said so” is not reason enough to defend the veracity of the moon landing. Most of these gov’t hirelings lurking on blogs or producing gov’t paid disinfo videos, were not even born at the time but jump up  and down, stomping & insisting we should take their word because they said so, even though they have no personal knowledge or technical skills nor have they bothered to research for evidence to validate their claims. They won’t lift a finger to even look at any evidence which places the moon landing in Question. The landing didn’t happen just because their spokesperson (who wasn’t born at the time) says so. That’s what they all do. They don’t address the evidence. They merely call people names without looking at any evidence.

However, I don’t agree with pestering NASA or the astronauts. None at NASA know anything, if they did, they couldn’t say. Their lives would be in jeopardy as would their families. Nor should the astronauts be treated with disrespect. If they had not cooperated, they would have ended up like Gus Grissom. Dead… and their families as well. So please leave the Astronauts & NASA alone unless they wish to speak with you. Revealing any info would be fatal to them. It isn’t their fault. It was the CIA (GHW Bush & Helms), Von Braun, LBJ & Nixon. And the fired Allen Dulles & LBJ trying to put one over on Russia. Probably with the joint chiefs pressuring not to fail in the eyes of Russia. Since this hoax was decided before the Apollo 1 fire  when they killed Grissom, White & Chaffee (Grissom’s family insists it was murder), both LBJ & Nixon were involved as they both were  involved with the Kennedy & MLK assassinations which Allen Dulles masterminded & E Howard Hunt confessed to staging to his two sons.  LBJ appointed Dulles, Ford, Arlen Spectre & coordinated with Bush at the CIA to steer the Warren Commission off track.  Hunt’s second wife was nowhere around  until years later so her opinion means nothing.  This same group coordinated the moon hoax as well. It is a long, convoluted true conspiracy  of murder, lies, money, power & gov’t control.

I was once one of these  engineers & scientists who blatantly refused to look at the evidence & defended the moon landing without anything to back up my blind loyalty. I was wrong for 37 years until I actually examined the evidence which was irrefutable.

Do you deserve to know the real truth?

The gov’t hirelings lurk on the internet blogs to shout down & silence anyone who might expose the government’s sordid actions.  They are usually paid college kids & Professors receiving gov’t grants or perform contract work for the CIA (such as Condon, Shermer, Friedman, Mufon) who try to destroy evidence & discredit the messengers. These are the same people who claim UFO’s are swamp gas. They also use nasty labels to discredit anyone who might expose the gov’ts dirty secrets.  Whistleblowers, Conspiracy Theorists, pseudoscience. Then program the public via the media ( who are also on their payroll) to attack & eat their own like pavlovs dogs, each time they hear these trigger words.

The public should support anyone who has been labeled a conspiracy theorist or a whistle blower. People like Lazar who risked their jobs & their necks to tell the public the truth.  Or Corso, Schneider, Boyd Bushman, Martyn Stubbs, Graham Birdsall, Karen Silkwood, Gus Grissom, Princess Diana, the Kennedys, MLK, Ron Brown,  Snowden, Patton and hundreds more   (all dead except Lazar & Snowden) who tried to tell us what they knew.  There were also 3 FDA inspectors who warned us about downer cows (mad cow disease) being mixed into the public beef supply & cross contaminated the adjacent poultry plant.  The USDA refuse to allow testing so they could claim no positive results.  They were covering up. 2 Americans contract the disease. One packing plant wanted to test at his own expense & USDA sued him claiming they controlled all testing. USDA lost. What about Erin Brockovich? Just how did you treat her efforts after the hirelings discredited & attacked her? What about roundup weed killer in the Monsanto GMO soy & corn products? It has been found in breast tumors.

Instead of supporting the  whistleblowers, the public attacked them like a pack of wild dogs. You might as well shoot yourself in the foot if you are going to do that. No one else will come forward with the truth if their rewards are to be attacked by an ignorant, thankless mob who doesn’t appreciate it and doesn’t deserve to know the truth.  The public should also understand the deadly threats they risk to themselves & their families to tell the truth.

Instead, the public believed the gov’t hirelings like Friedman & Shermer & the CIA cover group MUFON. This is precisely what the gov’t wants. The public has been programmed by TV documentaries the gov’t produced using their CIA front production companies & CIA group MUFON, to attack anyone they tag with the conspiracy theorist label. It is the person being attacked who should be supported & believed. The worse the attacks, the more you should listen to them. They only attack to destroy those with valid info to expose about gov’t  crimes & coverups. No one attacks the real nuts.  They only attack those who are telling the truth & exposing their dirty deeds which often sound quite unbelievable but are true, nonetheless.

Look at the moon photos on my other post “EBE’s on the moon”. Those structures on the moon are genuine. I copied those images directly from the official websites of the Navy Research Lab & NASA. No one else touched them. I did not edit the images except to add an arrow or resize to fit the page.   The blurring of structures was done by the Navy censors. They have since removed some of the images to prevent the public from finding the lunar structures after I posted the info. However, I made multiple copies of every image on their site so we would not lose them. I suspected they would do this so I always copy all originals from every source which consumes dozens of terabytes of memory for each set but worth it. I also have multiple copies off site to ensure they don’t disappear. Give moral support  & appreciation to anyone who is under attack. They are the ones who are telling the truth & risking their lives to do so.  The CIA has remarkable skills in giving heart attacks, brain hemorrhages & brain cancers to anyone they wish to eliminate. One of my relatives was a CIA interrogator & an expert at torture. I have inside knowledge of the horrific things the CIA does.

Moon Landing research:

These researchers for the truth about the moon landing are all serious, qualified experts peeling away the lies but are wasting their breath trying to get NASA to admit it. Most NASA employees were not in the loop or even born at the time. Only a handful of people knew about the deception. Most are dead or retired. No one there has any knowledge of the moon landings. The mission control personnel were duped by remote images & false sensors as the astronauts orbited the Earth. They couldn’t tell you if they wanted to, so stop pestering them.  Watch the film Capricorn one to understand better.

The Capsule film made by the real life astronauts in 69 shows us that Apollo 11 was in orbit while claiming to be half way to the moon. Not on earth as they were in the Capricorn one film. It is said NASA used Kubrik’s 2001 film moon set  used doubles in space suits to do the moon surface activities  or had the astronauts create a film of their walk before they went into orbit so it could be played on cue.

Armstrong was haunted by guilt but prevented by fear of death or harm to their families from ever speaking out. Neither Nasa or the gov’t or the terrified astronauts will admit to the fraud.  Less than 20 people were likely involved & knowledgeable. Any others would have been eliminated. The techs & employees all thought it was real as did the public & press. Some of the astronauts like Buzz Aldren eat up the attention & fame and did not suffer with their conscience like Armstrong. In fact, Aldren was so eaten up with ego that he didn’t bother to take one single photo of Armstrong except one by accident when he was doing a panorama  ( or rather their doubles on the moon set. Hence the crystal clear photos.) They blamed Armstrong from being camera shy but it was egocentric Buzz Aldren who didn’t bother to take one photo of his crewmate. Even in orbit.

So this subject isn’t for dabblers & meek hearted people with thin skins. Extensive investigations have been conducted by those who are questioning the validity of the evidence which clearly shows a major fraud has been committed against the public, not to mention the misuse of billions of dollars & price gouging such as $60 million for each moon buggy which was no more than a dune buggy on earth with no justification for such outrageous  prices. Especially for a fraud. I’m sure you never heard of the $600 toilet seats congress approved in the 60’s. Or $9000 to study duck father shedding water. Not to mention the unusable Lems. This is much more than a conspiracy theory. This is major fraud, theft of public monies in the billions, coverups, murders, deception… providing nothing more than a few earth orbits and movie studio recorded landings & grainy video for all the money spent.

Those researchers whom they claim are not experts have spent thousands of hours more on this research than any so designated “expert”. It is the hours of dedicated research which qualifies a ‘true expert. Not a paper degree.

Don’t blame all of NASA employees or subcontractors. They are also victims of the lies & are so Compartmentalized in their jobs  (as are in all gov’t related jobs); they have no idea what the person next to them is doing. They are prevented from sharing ideas & conversing with fellow workers via excuses of  threats to National security.

We have credible people such as Corso who was over National Security at the White House for 5 years under Eisenhower & black ops adviser to the Senate appropriations who clearly stated we cancelled project Horizon moon base because the NASA Ranger photos showed it was already occupied. So we also feared repercussions if we landed.

Then we have nut military leaders who want to blow them off our moon. Except it isn’t our moon. It’s theirs. They have been here longer than us. We are simply the remnants of a slave labor society which got away from them or were no longer needed. We may still be providing services for the ebe’s in exchange for technology (those tiny chips) such as ore or metal processing. Kennedy apparently met with the  ebe’s & banned above ground & atmospheric nuke testing with Russia because of their objections.  So we shot  nukes into space instead until the 1967 ban on nukes in space with Russia finally stopped  the madness. Hence the star Wars defense systems & our peace with Russia in the 80’s & 90’s.  We can thank W for the hard line Putin in power & Obama for making Putin worse. Now we have Trump (grab your gamma protection suits).

Can you live with the knowledge of the alien moon & Mars colonies & presence on earth (18 located at S-4) others at Dulce NM & Utah? They’ve been here longer than we have existed.  Clearly, humans are so egocentric that we believe we are the center of the Universe & every race should cater to us & every lifeform & planet are at our disposal to destroy for pleasure.  Even our movies show us bullying our way onto the planets of other races, taking what we want & destroying the rest? (Avatar). No respect, just like the Native Americans we destroyed.

Doesn’t every ufo enthusiast believe the ebes are here to help us & guide us? While the militants want to destroy & chase them off our moon. Surely no mention of their being interested in water &  food supplies for their colony & consider us as inconsequential, egocentric irritants. They abduct & experiment without any empathy whatsoever. Just like our CIA. They are not sitting around watching or helping us.  Talk about a self centered, deluded race (Humans). Most of our technology was stolen by shooting them down over Mexico or Canada & taking what we want without asking. This comes from the  former Canadian defense minister. I would consider him to be credible & knowledgeable on this issue. We’ve also done this to Brazil, Belgium & the UK. We have no respect for others boundaries  & threaten anyone who releases info with financial repercussions. We think we can do anything we want without asking. Frankly, I hope the Ebe’s slap us down hard for this. I can see why some want to thin out the population. But I think we should start with the gov’t, then the criminals & addicts and on toward those who destroy wildlife, climate & the health of the planet with pollution & abuse. Then those of violence &  lack of empathy. Is anyone left for the Georgia Guidestone population goal of 1.5 million?  That just leaves us, nature loving, not so liberal vegetarians with disabilities.  (this was meant as satire)

The all seeing eye is the symbol of their race overseeing us from the moon. They come  here each week for water & other supplies. They aren’t visiting an under water base. They are filling their water tanks. The all seeing eye in a triangle are the grays race here. The overlords of our slave base. If the triangle logo is orbited by two circles,  it represents the Earth & moon as their base.  This was seen on a craft near Rendlesham AFB.

One of Darpa’s depts made an all seeing eye  Logo in a triangle orbited by one circle in the same design & positions to represent humans on earth as our base.

Image of EBE craft symbols at Rendlesham AFB.

Compare Bottom Symbol to Darpa Red symbol in second image below.



notice how rays from eye are centered above Egypt. Earth & pyramid are in same position as Ebe craft logo except moon is Missing & eye is added.


The 33rd level freemasons (Illuminati) maintain the secret knowledge of their origins & our relationship to them  from Egypt As well as the role of the Egyptian gods & temples before the great floods. Which is why Benjamin Franklin wanted to include an Egyptian scene on our currency.

Although I doubt the story of Horus, his wife & his appendage was true. It is said the two tall races 8-10 ft; one blond & blue eyed; the other black Curly hair & brown eyed engineered the grays for labor & the grays subsequently designed us  as their slave laborers due to the heavy gravity, thick oxygen, high humidity & hot climate which none of them could tolerate  for long. This was why Puma Punku was built at 13,000 where the oxygen is thin until the destruction of the 5th planet shifted the orbits of Mars & Earth causing a 3 mile high tsunami wave which destroyed it, depositing marine fossils & covering the continents like the film “2012”. The toxic salts & sands created deserts  in the US, Sahara, Egypt, middle east, India, Australia and buried Egypt & Sahara under tons of sand. Then the instafreeze killed the mammals with food in their mouths & the remaining dinosaurs. Burying the cities & lifeforms of Antarctica under  2 miles of ice.  Mars fared far worse. We received a moon from Phaeton (the former 5th planet) and Mars received 2 asteroids from the new belt as moons.  A mini ice age occurred until our orbits stablized. The global floods also created the Caspian Sea, Salt Lake, Groom lake & the grand canyon. The salt waters damaged a large position of our land and  left Egypt buried under tons of sand. The gardens of Babylon & many other countries were left with toxic soil.

Only a small handful of people knew about the fraud & even less knew about the murders to maintain the secrets. Most of them are dead or retired now. So, don’t ask NASA because they don’t know. I know a former NASA Operations director who quit when they began the Apollo program. He had been there since the beginning of the Mercury program and Gemini but wanted no part of the dirty business and quit just before the Apollo one fire. If you mention the TV documentary he gets angry before you say a word. He clearly becomes scared & hangs up. He fears for his life at the very mention of the subject. Apparently, he knew something was going to occur & quit because he wanted no part of it but was considered a risk by the perpetrators because he knew & wanted nothing to do with it. He was still scared the last time I spoke to him 14 years ago & he  left the country to permanently travel overseas. He was that terrified.

Most who are at NASA now weren’t even born back then. They believed in what they are doing & would be offended as you would be in their place. Most other employees are now being replaced with ex military or ex CIA.

It was the handful who lied & committed fraud & stole billions of dollars & killed any potential leaks. You can bet Von Braun was one of them. He was a fraud himself. He was a bad engineer. He stole designs from others in Europe & the US and presented it as his own work. (I  once had a boss like that so I always signed my work & showed it to his boss before giving my work to him so he could not take credit for it. I also instructed other engineers to do the same).

Von Braun’s  best talent was selling himself. Hitler awarded him a Professorship for his presentation he lifted from the film Frau de monde. He did not earn it by talent. All those V2 rockets were designed by his teams & concentration camp slaves. He claimed not to be a nazi but  was photographed in a Nazi uniform. He even copied the movie for NASA Designs. When he came to the US, none of his rockets could get off the ground. Even a child could see his rockets were under powered & lacked sufficient thrust. Not to mention the need for multiple engines to provide stability & steady tracking. So he must have deliberately been letting those hundreds of rockets crash because no one could be that clueless. Many of his science friends went to the Soviet Union after the war so Von Braun was apparently & deliberately allowing the Russians to get ahead of us.

We probably deserved it since we acted like a bunch of out of control cowboys & warmongers playing with nukes. We destroyed our own first communication satellite Telstar one by exploding nukes in space which damaged the electronics when it was only about 6 months old. It was 10 years before we got another one. We also endangered cosmonauts with our hundreds of nukes we fired off in Space. We thought we could go nuts since the nuke test treaty didn’t include space. Only above ground testing.  The Russian’s begged us to stop for fear of their Cosmonauts welfare. We were total jerks & acted like morons. There is a video about our Nukes in Space narrated by William Shatner.

We also increased the radiation levels in the Van Allen  radiation belt. However, we simply revised history & rewrote the Telstar & radiation incidents and eliminated the nuke tests as the cause. They have rewritten a lot of history. The gov’t CIA mafia is in total control of Wikipedia. When we are dead, everyone will believe the fake history to go with the fake landings.

Van Braun  was wasting billions of dollars in charge of NASA while equally clueless Eisenhower who was also tight with the Russians during WWII looked the other way.

If you are afraid of names & labels, better crawl under your bed & hide because the gov’t hirelings are paid to bully & intimidate & shout down or discredit anyone who questions our government’s lies & secrets. They lurk online to control blogs & websites and join groups such as UFO enthusiasts to create infighting & disruption.

The moon landing is one of their most hotly defended & hidden secrets which they were willing to kill as many as 10 of our astronauts to keep their dark secret. Those astronauts who survived & cooperated with the fraud knew their lives were in danger as were the lives of their families. They had no choice except to end up dead like Grissom & the others. Their every word & action were monitored for the duration of their lives to ensure they did not go public. The CIA never stops monitoring. Former CIA director William Colby was drown in a canoe 20 years after he retired in his 70’s because his greedy son ratted him out that he planned to tell the rest of what he knew to the public. The family disagreed with the son’s self serving claims.

Thus, our astronauts feared for their lives & the lives of their families after the deaths of Grissom & the other astronauts  who refused to lie about the moon. If the gov’t was willing to kill our president, they would not hesitate to kill an astronaut or their families and did.  Any artifacts on the moon could have been placed there remotely, after the fact by an unmanned craft  & rover.

You might also be interested to read Col Philip Corso’s book, “The day after Roswell.”

Not only does it tell about Roswell & aliens & their structures on the moon it also tells about the CIA & White House full of communists & his testimony to the senate, about the WWII POW’s held in Russia. Corso was over the NSC (NSA) under Ike in the White House for 5 years & was a Black ops adviser for the Senate Black budget committee as well as a nuclear regiment commander in Europe & over the Roswell technology disbursement at the Pentagon. You may wish to read his book.

I was an engineer for 30 years; an executive for 15 and a scientist who fully believed in the tripe our gov’t fed us about the moon landing. My grandmother, (my mother’s foster mother) was a bible banging holyroller fanatic who insisted the moon landing was fake in 1969. I considered her a nut. Even the church kicked her out as a zealous fanatic. 30 years later when my spouse was taping the Fox video about the moon landing hoax, I considered him a nut & refused to watch the program. He couldn’t handle a screwdriver, much less determine the veracity of a moon landing. So I dismissed every claim of a hoax without bothering to look at the evidence. Anyone who deflected the sanctity of  our space program made me angry. I was like you. I believed it was genuine but never looked at the evidence against NASA.  Physical evidence which could not be refuted was in front of most & I wouldn’t look at it. I was totally closed minded on this issue. Most people under 40 are closed minded about gov’t & genuine Conspiracies. Like the 3 monkeys; Blind, Deaf & Dumb.

About 4 years later after I divorced  that spouse, I watched the moon landing video evidence  he had taped & was dumbstruck. They were right & I was wrong. The evidence was irrefutable.  As an engineer I could not deny hard, cold facts. I  also obtained other videos & examined photos & other evidence. The moon landing was clearly faked. There was no denying it. For 37 years I had denied it & refused to look at the evidence which clearly showed it was faked.




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